Book Review on “The Count of Monte Cristo”

"The Count of Monte Cristo" offers a riveting tale of betrayal, adventure, and revenge. Alexandre Dumas crafts an epic journey of a man's transformation from

Book Review on Atomic Habit

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'Atomic Habits' starts with a life event of the upbeat author, James Clear how he came back as one of the key players of his


Famous Malaikari Sweet

Famous Malaikari Sweet in Mymensingh, Bangladesh- Arifa Model

Bengalis have always taken place in history as sweet lovers. They are reluctant to hear any good news without any sweet item. It can be

Bahasa Shaheed Abdul Jabbar Library and Memorial Museum

Jabbar Nagar- The Place to Portray History > Arifa Model

Jabbar Nagar- The Place to Memorize History   After hearing the name- ‘Jabbar Nagar’- maybe you can think of it as a city, but it is a