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Don’t Forget to Finish Your Coffee Before It Gets Cold- Review of “Before the Coffee gets Cold”

“Before the coffee gets cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi is a fantasy book. In fantasy books, you cannot expect for senses.Personally I think all these nonsenses keep the readers on the edge of their seats. If you cannot stand paranoid stories,this book ain’t for you.

I accept that it’s not a 10 out of 10 book,but I savoured every moment of the book.I have always been a fan of Japanese portrayal of human emotions. If you are like me… take the book and I guarantee you there is no coming back until you finish reading the book.

The first thing that attracted me was the name -” Before the coffee gets cold” .. Ain’t the name screams it’s gonna be a fun ride!!!

Now let’s get into the story… The story revolves around a hundred years old coffee shop where the customers can travel through time by maintaining some strict rules. They need to sit at a certain seat of the cafe which is occupied by a mysterious ghost and the seat become vacant once a day when the ghost need to use the bathroom to travel through time. If you are thinking about forcing her to leave the seat, then stop there!! your are about to be cursed!

Some other rules are – while they are time travelling, they cannot get up from their seat.. the time duration is as long as the coffee is warm and most importantly they need to drink the coffee before it gets cold otherwise travellers’ll turn into a ghost. As soon as the coffee is drunk by the traveller, he/she’ll come back to his/her present self. You know what the irony is.. travellers cannot change the present even though they maintain all those prickly rules . It’s cruel… ain’t it??

But I think all these problematic rules made the book more intriguing. Even following all these rules, some people want to go to their cherished moments… to clean up their mess or to meet their loved ones only with a sole intention to comfort the one they want to meet.

The book is divided into four parts lebelling – The Lovers, Husband and Wife, The sisters and Mother and Child..

In the story “The Lovers” Fumiko, an ambitious workaholic woman decides to travel to the day when her parting conversation with her dreamy boyfriend, Goro happened. This time she just wants to tell him the things she should have told him back then though she knows this wouldn’t make her boyfriend to change his mind as present cannot be changed.

Then from the touching story “Husband and Wife” we get to know the story of Fusagi who is affected with Alzheimer’s disease and his wife Kohtake. Fusagi wanted to give his wife a letter but couldn’t and one day he totally forgot about his wife. After learning about the letter sorrowful Kohtake decides to travel to the day to get the letter when Fusagi still had the memory of hers and get to know how Fusgi wants their relationship to be even after he forgets about her.

After reading the next two stories -“The sisters” and “Mother and Child” you are about to cry. These two stories are gonna leave a scar in your heart. Why not read the book even if it’s only for these two stories….No one can deny the depths of these two stories… I swear!!

“The sisters ” reminds us how much it’s necessary to value our nearest ones when they are still by our side. This story screams be kind to your siblings as much as you can… You cannot even image how much they love you!!

“Mother and Child” is the story of the cafe’s worker Kei and her to be born child .You are about to be moved by the mother and her daughter.

While reading these stories… we sometimes think of our lives… we tend to ignore the smallest things or kind words our loved ones wish to get from us…

We question ourselves- are we expressing our feelings the way we feel? Are we good enough with our nearest ones?Do we even try to understand what they really want ??

We should have idea that we are not the only one aching… these people who care for us are the ones who are hurting the most…

After reading all the parts some mysteries of the cafe and it’s workers get revealed and some mysteries are left concealed to me. I couldn’t get enough of that ghost in chair who leaves her seat only once a day. When she leaves her seat, one can sit in that seat and can travel to his/her cherished moment. If someone tries to force her to leave her seat then he/she gets cursed . Apart from these, I couldn’t get any more details of that mysterious ghost like why she is here…what’s her relation with time travelling . Apart from this, I am pretty much contented with the overall story, the characters and it’s setting.

You already can guess the book is an odd read. But you know what… that’s where it’s allure lies. I strongly suggest the book to anyone who wants to get attached with something humane with full of emotions .

Happy reading!!!

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