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A Spirited Place Hard to Hate – Ruqayyah Hall (Dhaka University)

Ruqyyah Hall (Dhaka University)

Ruqayyah Hall (Dhaka University)


It’s not the type of article you usually come across. It’s a mixture of my private feelings and perceptions. I think it’s nothing but some scribbling better to be a part of my flurry   dairy. Nevertheless I cann’t help but expressing my ambivalent feelings as a representative of all the girls out there.


ummmm…..Ruqayyah Hall …. just let me know if there is any Bangladeshi who hasn’t heard about this famed hall ….Literally , Ruqayyah Hall pops up with the name Dhaka University .I have no doubt that this hall is freaking worthy of all the attentions it’s having all these times. In my father’s word, it’s not a hall …it’s a blissful village .How can I not be proud of being a shiny part of this village!!!!

Just not only me, here every girl has their own stories…the stories of both gladness and soreness.


Living with a bunch of other girls your age cannot be boring.  We eat together in canteen, arrange tea parties and sometimes come outside of the hall to meet with the friends from outside. Gossiping for hours with roommate seniors, having the ideas of life from their perceptions, hits different…  it’s not that dismal I thought at first.

We ,the girls cannot deny that all those chaos of TSC adds more glamour to it. All the time, sounds from concerts , different cultural programmes keep the hall in festive mood .


I’ve always heard about the pathetic state of students living in hall . I feared of not being able to settle down as I used to know about food problems, unhygienic unusable washrooms and dirty living rooms of different halls. Hell noooo.. From my first day of hall, I never felt there was any scarcity of foods, the room I got was pretty much clear.  Washrooms were not that bad though I had a hard time to adapt with it.


Ruqyyah Hall (Dhaka University)
Night Hang out with Hall Peers…..

In my first time living in hall I felt like foods were cheap though after covid break, food expanses have skyrocketed. For this reason I have nothing to do but to be mindful about spending money on foods these days.


Here residential students can have anything all they want by paying.There are two canteens and one dining for four buildings. Here girls are always gathering and having there preferable items with a cheery atmosphere.


After covid break… I am here in 801 no room of 7th march building .This time , I feel a bit burdened because of the rising price of all food items.Back then , before covid, I used to think living cost cannot be more cheap!!!! Hope they will take steps to keep the prices within our bounds as soon as possible.


Here comes the great healer….


When I mention it’s just a field, you may shock!


That field ceaselessly being vigilant in our pains and gains , deserves all the love of this world. The way she digests all the loneliness of the  lonesome souls, all the insane tales of daily happenings and all the voices of   misers, make my heart to cool down….I can’t come to a conclusion what should I feel…. pity or awe towards her!!!


Every time  I feel down I rush to her with my ear pod and come back with a healing heart. She has adorned herself with all those unknown flowers and tress . Some girls keep talking lying or sitting creating groups, while some keeps studying….. On the other hand me and my friends use her for our tea party or for surprising our lovely roommate with a blast in her birthday. All these memories rounding her definitely gonna warm my soul up….


Hyacinth flowers  are making this hall more soothing these days. We don’t need to come outside the hall to devour the blossoms  of autumn.  The way these flowers are casting spells towards  the  girls with all it’s charms that  I cannot help but praying they will keep on blooming in front of our dining even after this season.Often I give a look at the scattering flowers under the tree,  every time I pass through the way towards dining.


Tv room, mostly used as an auditorium is also another gathering place for girls.  Time to time they arrange party here or just lay down to express feelings with each other. Some girls are just unwilling to miss any important sports and gather in front of the TV to enjoy it with heart’s content.


You may not find any sourness in this colourful life….


Haven’t you heard that the most cheerful  ones are the most saddest ones!!!!!It’s a damn true…. We have to take care of ourselves no matter how down or sick we are!!! I don’t think there is a single girl who never felt like having her mother beside her on the times of her period cramps or on other mental breakdowns.


Reading Time……..

How can we not miss getting all the things we need even without mentioning about them….


When I was in my own home, I never thought for second time to buy or have the food I craved for but these days I try my utmost to keep my overall expanses tight as much I can. Back then I could hardly imagine that it actually costs to buy food and it’s not something that should be used for luxury!!!!! It’s not possible to realize what a blessed life you have when you have your parents by your side if you haven’t started living on your own yet….


After covid break, I had to shift to my legal seat as at first I was in a political room.  It was hurtful as I had to leave my roommate with whom I used to spray all the pieces of my heart. We passed great times together that I’m never gonna forget.  Late night chitchat, dance party in balcony, having coffee together, concert…. I miss doing all these things  with her. It’s not like I am not having fun here anymore, but with the change of my room, life has also changed here.


A soothing tea time with hall peers…

With a heart of heaviness , I started this life in this vast hall .At first , the enormity of the hall couldn’t touch me rather caused me pain as I was having a hard time in suiting myself in my room as I felt uneasy among all those seniors .


These days, I’ve learned it’s full of compromise.. the more you are unwilling to do so the more conflict will rise up to make your life a hell .


At first ,may be it was problem with me or may be it was reality that they were unwilling to accept me as a roommate…. whatever it is … now I am fully healed from all those burdens as I’m adapted here for now and having a great time with my roommates and friends.


View from 7th floor…

I’ve already mentioned how much proud we are of our hall. I literally leapt at the chance to be able to be a part of Ruqayyah Hall. That time I just heard from a acquaintance of mine living in this hall that newly built 7 march building will be able to meet up my     demand for a better life. But I never thought I’m gonna have my legal seat in this building. Currently there is no lacking in my life and trying my utmost to make me feel like home. Nonetheless the condition of other two buildings is outrageous. Hope the glamour of 7th march will also touch the other two…..of course it will only if the authority is mindful enough.


No doubt,it’s one of the safest place for girls to live other than their own family.Even I don’t think more security or more facilities can be given to the residential students than  the hall authorities giving us now. Maybe I am feeling this way as I was ready to experience a bitter life as hell here.


With all these things , history and overall structure of the hall shouldn’t go unuttered.


History in brief


Who wants to go through the weighty history??? Even it’s a pain to write that’s why I skipped all of it instead has presented a  tiny part of it as there is no way we can ignore this in spite of it’s heaviness. The time you went through the name Ruqayyah , you already know the woman behind this big-name .


It was named after the name of that prominent lady, Begum Ruqayyah . The hall inaugurated with twelve girls with the name Chameli House.It is now standing on its own glory with four buildings named Shapla,Chameli, Aparajita and the newly built 7th march .


I was told to write an article about my hall but look at me I ended up spilling out my life history here. I just felt like sharing all my views towards the hall that caused my heart pounding with emotions nothing else!!!

Writter- Khatune Jannat Esha, Student of EEE, University of Dhaka.

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