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Arrival-A sci-fi more humane than technological|| Khatuna Jannat Esha

Movie: Arrival
IMDB: 7.9/10
Genre:sci-fi , drama , thriller
Not gonna rate personally but highly recommended.


Arrival is an Oscar-winning movie directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Thus there is no way we can question about its superiority. This movie is mostly philosophy-based.


I found these types of humane sights with a flavor of science in Humayun Ahmed’s science fictions that I used to swallow enthusiastically as a high-schooler. These type of stories are quite amusing for all types of stable viewers or readers. If you are someone who easily get bored or distracted then this isn’t for you!!!!


The pacing may seem slower than any other extraterrestrial life based sci-fi films but if you can keep yourself in your toes then…boom! You will be spellbound! This film has one of those endings that you easily cannot throw out of your mind.


A smartly designed story


At the beginning of the story we find a struggling mother named Louise Banks with her diseased daughter. Louise Banks is an insanely workaholic   linguistic.  Throughout the movie she seems battered as if she has experienced some kind of unforgettable loss.

In our journey with Dr. Louise, we find the world in utter chaos as the news of some strange creatures’ invasion in earth from another planet goes viral.

Science individuals name those extraterrestrial lives as Heptapod. Those aliens try to communicate with human through some unknown codes.


The great minds of the world fail to crack the codes thus the reason behind the visiting of those aliens’ remains in darkness until our woman lead, Louise and a physicist named Ian Donnelly get recruited by military officials. After trying their utmost they succeed in knowing the reason of the aliens’ visit in the human world.


Throughout the movie you may feel confused how Louise’s daughter, Hannah is connected with the alien-invasion as Louise continuously keep reminiscing   about Hannah throughout the movie .


It’s all about time-past, present and future.


The whole concept of the story lies in the name Hannah. If you give a closer look you’ll find the name as a “Palindrome” that remains same reversely.

Palindrome is those types of numbers or words that reads the same backwards and forwards. In this movie time is presented as palindrome something like-the beginning is the end, the end is the beginning.

The extraterrestrial lives that came to the earth is able to live in past, present and future at a time just like palindrome that’s why they are unable to speak our linear language.

Their lives are bound in a circular-form that is non-linear completely different from ours. That’s why the symbols they used to communicate with the humans were circles with different patterns.


There is a little bit of spoiler for your understanding of the story…


In our life we easily get affected by the accompany of others. As Louise and Ian started communicating with the aliens their behavior got affected by them.

Louise mastered in the language of the heptapods by attaching herself with them thus she gained the ability to live in the past, future and present at the same time just like them.

As you see, it’s neither that type of time-travel based movie that we generally watch nor action-packed alien-invasion movie, it’s more than that. Denis Villeneuve did a great job in upholding the affect of language in one’s mind.


Depressing, thought-provoking and absolutely astonishing ending.


The ending you are about to see is more emotional than perplexing.  Dr. Louise couldn’t sacrifice her temporary happiness though she knew the upcoming outcome is beyond her tolerance.

In our life we all behave this way. Sometimes we can assume the bitter outcome but still continue to live in our part-time happiness.

I’ll recommend this movie not only to the sci-fi drama lovers but also to the ones who get Goosebumps by watching powerful women in action. From the perspective of a woman, this movie will remain special to me as linguistic Dr. Louise Bank made me feel like I’ve to be someone courageous like her!!!


Just to mention, it’s a complete family friendly movie. If you are searching for something to watch with your siblings or family then watch this one. Happy watching!!!  🖤🖤

(Reviewer- Jannat Esha, student of EEE, University of Dhaka.)

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