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Famous Malaikari Sweet in Mymensingh, Bangladesh- Arifa Model

Famous Malaikari Sweet

Bengalis have always taken place in history as sweet lovers. They are reluctant to hear any good news without any sweet item. It can be said that- First I must need to taste some sweet, then I’ll listen the good news. In every part of the country there are different kinds of special sweets, not tasting them means you are failed to be a pure Bengali. We also have some famous and delicious sweets in Mymensingh district, which you must eat at least once in your life.

Everyone knows about the famous sweet of Mymensingh called “Muktagachhar Monda”. However, the birthplace of another famous sweet of Bangladesh is in Mymensingh. This delicious sweet is called “Malaikari”.

    Many people say- if you want to eat sweets, then eat Malaikari sweets.

Because in a word the combination of color, smell, taste and juice of Malaikari is just incomparable and it is very sure that you can’t curb greed seeing this sweet.

The History of ‘Malaikari’

This Malaikari was born in Sudhir Ghosh Sweets Store in Mymensingh. Its owner Sudhir Chandra Ghosh himself made the first Malaikari in this country more than forty years ago.

However, due to old age, Sudhir Chandra Ghosh has retired from the job of making sweets and to make up for his absence, his two sons Subodh Chandra Ghosh and Shankar Chandra Ghosh are continuing this traditional business of making Malaikari. At present it has a branch in Swadeshi Bazar, Mymensingh.

And all credit goes to Sudhir Ghosh, by whom sweet lovers have been able to taste this perfect creation Malaikari for decades.

However, this delicious Malaikari is not available only in Sudhir Ghosh’s shop, there are some other sweet shops in the city, including Krishna kebin, Mishti Kanan and Lajiz Mistanna Bhandar where you will find this tasty Malaikari. The taste of Malaikari of every shop is unique, but in the history of Mymensingh and also whole Bangladesh, the name of Sudhir Ghosh’s Malaikari comes first.

Methods of Making Malaikari

Like the taste but the recipe of Malaikari is also a little different. The main ingredients of Malaikari are pure milk of cow and sugar.

At first milk khir and curd are made. Then in the factory, the moiras (confectioners) make these sweets with special techniques.

Milk and other ingredients are fueled in a wood stove. Then these sweets made of curd are fried for a long time. Resulting in a coating on the outside of the sweets. After frying, it is dipped into a relatively less dense liquid sugar syrup. It is picked from the syrup and cut into the middle of a large sweet and given a very thick cream of Malai or milk on one side of it.

This sweet syrup is kept light to keep the taste of this Malay intact. As a result, Malaikari has a very soft and special aroma. Its special soft texture and softness make this Malaikari unique and famous in taste.

The sweet-loving people who once tasted this Malaikari in Mymensingh city want to taste it again and again. People from other cities and the surrounding sub-districts & districts also carry this sweet on special occasions, and no one visits their relative’s house without carrying this sweet.

This traditional sweet of Mymensingh also has a good reputation across the country. Many sighed in deep frustration at not being able to come to taste it for the distance.

So we can spread the taste of this creamy sweet across the country using e-commerce. But delivery problems are one of the major obstacles to the inclusion of food in e-commerce.

So we should think of a solution above all. Courier services should open a separate sector only for safe food delivery across the country. Only then people from all over the country could taste all the famous food of all places, without having to regret it from afar.

Khatun-A-Jannat Asha
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