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Heal with Youtiful by Stray Kids

There’s a couple of songs I am listening these days on loop. But this one song that is hooking me up to it’s allure is “Youtiful” by Stray Kids. Those who don’t know them.. they are one of the most renowned kpop boy band.

Trust me… I am not Stay but I’ve always been appreciating their music.. If you follow them you already know how dangerously hardworking they are!!!!! No surprise one of my most favourite and relatable song in my playlist is sung by them…

Curious about Youtiful??? It’s that type of song you cannot help relating . It’ll lift you up when you are crumpled up in your bed surrounded by all the uncertainties of life. The way they tried to comfort all the souls doubting themselves is insane. When I listened Youtiful for the first time I was cursing my name for being so pathetic. Every verse of the song is like morning light offering relief to the souls being in cold up the whole night .

“Don’t you ever tell yourself that you’re not enough
I am certain that you’re truly fine
You are a miracle, miracle
You are Youtiful”

You are the miracle here!!!! You are the biggest thing!! The only thing you need to do is to embrace yourself.

Bang Chan, the leader of Stray Kids wrote this song.. what a genius boy!!!!
By merging the words “You” and “Beautiful” he named ‘Youtiful ‘… Stray Kids has an innovative leader like Bang Chan..isn’t it one of the reasons it’s shining it’s fullest these days!!!!!!

Bang Chan portrayed the depths and the sensation of someone who used to pass nights after nights sleepless like you feeling worthless but by embracing himself, now is the biggest thing . And who don’t realize that someone is him and his mates!!

Here goes my most favourite part-
“Let me tell a little story
About the star that couldn’t shine or blink
Out of a million, billion
Felt like an alien, alien

Then that little star was surely
Going to become the biggest thing
Making a fantasy, family
Beautiful galaxy, galaxy”

All hail to the beautiful galaxy and to the worn out souls !

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