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How much Time I Spend Writing a Blog Post?

How much Time I Spend Writing a Blog Post?

How much Time I Spend Writing a Blog Post?

Actually it depends on topics and varies on different variables that how much time I take to write a blog entry.

I am new at blogging. Just one month passed I’ve started my personal blog website. I’ve published more than 100 blog posts in my Bengali language blog. And more than 20 posts has been published here in this English blog site.

Though as a blogger I am new, but I am working as a content writer and a media activist for almost one year. And I’ve written many contents and articles on different topics including business, technology, research, economy, society, e-commerce, e-tourism, domestic products and many more presenting my country and my districts. So now I am habituated with writing regularly. Day by day I’ve improved a lot at the speed of writing.

Before writing something I study more for understanding the topic deeply. That’s why study takes more time than writing.

At first I spend time searching an interesting or valuable topic to write. Then I study 10-30 articles on that topic and try to understand in-depth. After that I just think closing my eyes that how can I start, how I can decorate the article perfectly. After doing all these things suddenly I can capture the idea in my head to start my writing.

When I sit to write, time flies. Sometimes it takes more than 4-8 hours to finish writing an article, which contains more than 1000-1500 words. And I never take more than one hour to write 500 words content.

Of course it depends on another thing whether I am writing content in Bengali or in English. Bengali is my native language. So I am more comfortable with it. I can read, think and write fast in Bengali.

But writing an English article takes more time always. Sometimes even I feel dizzy writing in English. But it’s the international language. If I wanna reach worldwide audiences then I must write in English regularly. Though it takes more time but I’ll endeavor to present my contents in English.

Nowadays I feel responsible to represent my country and region worldwide through my writing. I am studying about the history, culture, tradition, products, heritages and many more about Bangladesh. I am searching to gather more information to write resourceful articles. I hope one day through my writing people of different countries and regions will know about my country.

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And writing about my country takes more time, because I read and write with my depth sense. Sometimes one article on such topic with more than two thousand words takes whole week to write. And after finishing such a resourceful article I feel pleased and happy.

So how about you? How much time you take to write a blog post?

You can share your opinion.

Khatun-A-Jannat Asha
This is Khatun-A-Jannat Asha from Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I am entrepreneur and also a media activist. This is my personal blog website. I am an curious woman who always seek for new knowledge & love to spread it through the writing. That’s why I’ve started this blog. I’ll write here sharing about the knowledge I’ve gained in my life. And main focus of my writing is about E-commerce, Business, Education, Research, Literature, My country & its tradition.

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