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Anime Review- “Odd Taxi” || Khatuna Jannat Esha

A mature anime free from any intimate scene.

The story of Odd Taxi is centred on a taxi which is owned by a mysterious man Odokawa.

From the start we encounter different types of characters and their stories while travelling through a taxi with Odokawa.

All of them in one way or another are inter-connected and you will find it out in the end of the story.

You may consider Odokawa as an antihero in the same way I did. His calm face and mysterious attitude may make you feel this way.

At first I took Odd Taxi as some kind of kid’s show but as the story progressed I realized how badly the art style fooled me. The characters in different animal faces reminded me of one of my favourite animation movies – Zootopia.

But these two are nothing alike totally opposite in story pacing. At first I couldn’t find any logic behind using those animal faces for characters but after completing journey with the show it made sense perfectly.

Here you will face all those individuals we face in our way of life. You’ll get to know a bunch of characters who have their own depths in their stories.

At first the story come up with a missing girl case and police’s search for the culprit. Then a cringe guy named Kabasawa get into Odokawa’s taxi who is desperate to be famous by going viral.

You will encounter with a group of gang and a criminal who is planning to rob a bank.

You will find a youngster, Tanaka who is mostly considered as a pathetic loser without any special qualities in the view of our ill society. He tries to get attention of others by trying his utmost doing foolish things but end up being a miser being caught up in his ill fate.

You’ll get to know another type of loser whose only ambition is to get a girlfriend and gets cheated pitifully.You will meet up with a nurse obsessed with our main lead and a doctor who badly wants to treat his friend, Odokawa.

You’ll get to know a rising idle group, two rising comedians and their struggles.

All those lives and their stories are like a web- intertwined. The overall story cannot be fulfilled without mentioning any of the character arcs.

The anime surprisingly covers all those characters within only 13 episodes.

As you all know… Almost every good show has flaw or a part we don’t like. Odd Taxi isn’t out of it.

I think there were too much coincidences like Tanaka finds Dabu’s gun from out of nowhere. When Odokawa falls in danger his girl just comes to save his day unexpectedly.

But I’ve to mention that I enjoyed the show completely, a slight of boredom couldn’t touch me. Hope there will be a second season as the ending was quite obscure.

If you are searching for amazing story which is free from extreme violence, adult scenes and is able to keep you in your toes, then go ahead and give ODD TAXI a try… you won’t regret!

You can finish all the 13 episodes of the anime overnight without being bored.

When it comes to opening and ending,I felt relaxed!!

Most of the time I ignore anime openings as it contains major spoiler sometimes but this time I didn’t skip the opening as it was quite amusing and free from any type of spoilers.

Reviewer: Jannat Esha, Student of EEE, University of Dhaka.

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