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Mini-Sundarban: Salora, Mymensingh (Tourism Bangladesh)

Salora village Mymensingh

Mini-Sundarban: Salora

Nature has showered every corner of the land of ours with all her divine bliss, yet we are severely aloof to discover all those grace. We cling to grope the daintiness of the farthest places detaching us from our nearest ones.

Whatever nonsense others utter as actual peace is concealed with all those greenness of our calm villages, there is no use of wandering from one place to another when you already know at last you have to come back to your roots of peace just like Michael Madhusudan did.

Just like all other villages the nature has bestowed all her picturesque calmness in the village named Salora of Muktagachha in Mymensingh district that easily catches the eye of every nature-lover & artistic minded people.

Apart from this, what’s so eye-catching about the village is that it’s literally appeared like a Mini-Sundarban.

Sundarban in Mymensingh!!!!

Yes, at first you may wonder but its sheer real. You may consider it as nature’s desire.  The village Salora being surrounded with dense swamps, ponds, bamboo trees and shawl trees is about to give you a vibe of forest.

Those Bamboo, shawl trees and their sprouts floating like pneumatophores submerged in the tidal water will unconsciously make you feel like you’ve entered Sundarbans!!!

I traveled miles, for many a year,

Spent riches, in lands afar,

I’ve gone to see the mountains, the oceans I’ve been to view.

But I haven’t seen with these eyes

What two steps from my home lies

On a sheaf of paddy grain, a glistening drop of dew.

I have to agree with the verse of Rabindranath Thakur!

Being a part of sub district Muktagachha and union of Dulla, Salora village literally exalts the successive symbol of the rural part of our country.

The distance of Muktagachha from Mymensingh Sadar is about 20 km and for reaching Salora you have to travel more 14 km from the sub district Muktagachha. This whole 34 kilometers is one kind of warehouse of all the charms of nature.

The whole path from Mymensingh Sadar to Salora is bounded with all the greenness nature could ever effort to allot.  While traveling the views from the both sides of the road – rows of trees, open extensive greenish fields with gentle breezes will  tempt you to close your eyes, take a deep breathe of freshness with your heart’s content.

Even it may make you to utter unconsciously –

Wish I could lead this path for eternity!!!”  

The more closely you get, the depths of this eternal beauty will continue to enhance. It will either make you feel like you have driven to some swamp areas or give you full length adventurous feel. While moving on you can witness the fishermen fishing with their nets, people collecting woods and the peculiar sounds of the farmers.

After reaching Salora, for actual magnificence you have to enter in the dense forest surrounding with bamboo and shawl trees. After walking for a while through the forest you will get to see the roads that turned into quagmire   but you’ll feel so lost that you won’t be able to realize when you walked that long path.

salora village mymensingh

Keeping you in the same road you will find yourself in Salora Heaven. After paying 10tk you’ll be able to please yourself with those picturesque beauties of nature throughout the day. The main attraction of this spot is a massive lake rounded with shawl trees that was created by combining three ponds. It’s just like showering the land with all types of beauties of nature.

This Salora Heaven consisting of 77 Bighas of land area was mainly established for people who prefer to pass their leisure by fishing.

The man who was behind making the spot told that for encouraging the young people to fish with fishhook that may make them to have more patience in their life, he initiated establishing the spot. In the near future, he wants to adorn the place more aesthetically so that the place becomes the first choice for any fish haunters and travelers.

salora village mymensingh

The cultural heritages like plough, storm-lantern and bullock cart as a part of decoration are kept for saving rural culture from being extinct.

In the holidays, they arrange the fishing competition with fishhooks and enthusiasts from all over the country gather there to be a part of this arrangement.

Not only the fishermen but also the tourists assemble here as they can soothe their souls by traveling through small boats in those swamps, ponds with their heart’s content.

salora village mymensingh

To me this place just created grace that went in another level and those feelings were trying to burst out of my heart.

Although camping is not very popular in our country, some brave tourists from all over the country rush to one place to another with their groups for night camping. For them, if this place cannot be an ideal place than which one can be!!!

Wondering that line just pops up in my mind –

After end of the day evening comes through the mild sound of the dew.

You’ll never perceive this line from a poem of Jibonanondo Das if you never saw how the evening strikes here.

Gradually the dense darkness in front of the eyes covers everything and emerges a huge starry sky & the full moon over the head.

Can you imagine even in your wildest dream??!!

The shadows of shawl trees in the combination of moonlight  falling in the water of lake, the bubbling sound of water, the whispering of the birds and insects blending together just creating some ancient vibes and some insane travelers are feeling them.

Rounding the campfire their non-stop conversation, singing continues to go on. They don’t feel like sleeping or resting, all those components of tents are just left in the ground.

If you are looking for a little bit of adventure with everlasting peace and a place where you can have fresh oxygen with blissful nature, then you don’t have any choice other than coming here.

So, you are welcomed to our “Mini-Sundarban: Salora”

Writer: Khatun-A-Jannat Asha & Khatuna Jannat Esha

Khatun-A-Jannat Asha
This is Khatun-A-Jannat Asha from Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I am entrepreneur and also a media activist. This is my personal blog website. I am an curious woman who always seek for new knowledge & love to spread it through the writing. That’s why I’ve started this blog. I’ll write here sharing about the knowledge I’ve gained in my life. And main focus of my writing is about E-commerce, Business, Education, Research, Literature, My country & its tradition.

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