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Moriarty the Patriot: a reliable Sherlock adaptation || Reviewer Khatuna Jannat Esha

Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot: A Reliable Sherlock Adaptation

Name: Moriarty the Patriot


seasons:2(24 episodes+2 OVA)

duration:23 min. per ep.


personal rating:9

Let me initiate this review with a quote of Moriarty – ” Which will come out on top..pure evil or necessary evil…. “. When  pure evil is conquering this world, necessary  evil like Moriarty is that I felt we need in this 21st century just like the author felt it’s utility in 19th century.

‘Moriarty the patriot is a spinoff of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s eminent classic Sherlock Holmes stories where Holmes’ arch-nemesis,  James Moriarty, plays the role of a protagonist.  If you know who the hell Moriarty is then you have already presumed you’re gonna watch a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This faithful  adaptation  of Sherlock Holmes has  put a new spin on our familiar characters.

 At the end the show you will definitely feel a dire need of this type of necessary evil in our corrupted society to defeat all the pure evils.

The plot takes place in  19th century  England when economic and social inequality of English society went rampant, may be that compelled our author to create someone like Moriarty as a crime consultant.

At that time status and wealth solely indicated the value of life.  Unsurprisingly, lower classes got oppressed by those upper rank people and had no chance to ascend the ranks.

Plot Summary - Moriarty the Patriot

I read Sherlock Holmes as a high schooler…. 7-8 years have already passed … then watched the BBC Sherlock series but forgot most of the story actually ….thus I am not gonna compare these. But hatts off to this adaptation as I could have more of Sherlock after all this time in a new environment .

In the first few episodes we get to see a mathematical  prodigy Moriarty who lives as a regular noble while also being a consultant for the common  folk to give them a hand and solve their problems. However, deep inside him lies a desire to destroy the class structure that dominated 19th century Britain. Moriarty and his brothers Albert,Louis -the trio was considered  as the lord of crime though no one other than their few accomplices knew their actual  identity.

When it comes to Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty considered him as a light in his darkness because of his cheerful, bright and approachable quality. Both of them considered brain as their strength. Other than Sherlock and Moriarty brothers,moran,fred stole the show from time to time. Dr. Watson, Ms. Hudson were refreshing to watch.

Each of the episodes were intriguing enough to make you stoked. Apart from the attractiveness of William, all the characters were quite interesting with their charms.

Throughout the series I fought with my morality- can a murder like Moriarty deserves to be loved??? But I couldn’t hate him rather considered every crime he committed as a necessity. How an unparalleled intellect child like him gradually took all the burden of cleaning the society will definitely make the audience feel awe towards him.

Throughout my watchtime, in every freaking action of Moriarty I found Lelouch from Code Geass. How both of them made themselves ready to sacrifice themselves, gave me no room to cast any hate towards  their several  mishaps. Some of you may harmonize his character with Kira(Death Note) ….but nooo… the character William James Moriarty had depth with selflessness ,brotherly love …in fact didn’t turn into pure evil nor lost morality entirely to defeat evil like Kira.

The dark atmosphere throughout both the seasons will plunge any mystery lover deeper and deeper with a severe adrenaline rush. Consequently, I’ll recommend every mystery genre lover to dive into ‘Moriarty the Patriot’. Once you start having the spice, there is no coming back until you finish watching both the seasons.

When it comes to opening, ending and soundtracks ….all of them were top notch no doubt. I hardly skipped the ops . The direction and animation was so eye-catching that the production team left no room to complain .

Now let me end the review with another quote of Moriarty-

“The class system places a curse upon people. Because of it, people’s hearts are tainted and twisted, giving rise to devils. In which case, the opposite is also true. Once the devils are cast out, people’s hearts become pure again, and the curse is lifted. The country will assuredly be beautiful.” where the reason of his every action is portrayed briefly .

Just to reminder…We all know that spinoffs cannot beat the original ones .It is also applicable for this one . For having the whole of Sherlock you have to read the Doyle’s classic .But I can assure that no Sherlock fan can be disappointed on this one.

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