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Squid Game-A Brilliant Series with Familiar Concept

Squid Game

Squid Game (Netflix original Korean show)

Episodes: 9

Genre: drama, thriller

Imdb: 8.3

Squid Game  has recently created rounds on this online based generation. Going through the flow like everyone else, I’ve also finished watching this when almost everyone else has completed sharing their views .As it won’t cost me anything if I also share my thoughts on this binge-worthy series ,here I am…..

It completed airing it’s first season  just when I completed watching ‘Alice in Borderland ‘. While waiting for the second season of ‘Alice in Borderland ‘, I started watching Squid Game as people were talking how much alike these two shows are.

These two shows indeed similar in plot, in the people’s sufferings, extreme violations and in players being killed by one another or by the recruiters . Both the shows uphold what type of sufferings dystopian society cause.  I personally enjoyed ‘Alice in Borderland ‘ more but it’s not like ‘Squid Game’ couldn’t keep me on the edge. Squid game seemed more dark, more violent, more depthful to me. How battered economic conditions  bring hell in human life and turn them into monsters got portrayed bizarrely in Squid Game .

Acting, directing, sound, visuals with violence, dark comedy and an engrossing plot  made me hooked up on the screen from the starting of first episode  . When I came to know the usage of CG was limited,  I was like how come is this possible!! Director indeed has done a great job. I literally finished the whole thing in one night …. nine episodes nine hours and a sleepless night….

At first we get to know a struggling  aged mother with her good for nothing gambler son – the main lead named Gi-hun. Gi-hun got fired from his company, got divorce with his wife and  indebted . As he had no income and mostly dependent on the little earning of his elderly mother,he was unable to keep  his daughter with him. When he was about to get fully detached from his daughter he came to know a mysterious man who pay others money by playing games…uhhh this starting seem engrossing….

As he badly needed money for the sake of this daughter and for the debt he fell,  he agreed to take part in the game like 455 other indebted participants taking the game as a mean of  easy money for getting relieved from their debts and financial problems  . But they didn’t even have any idea they had to lose their damn life only because of violating the rules of the game.

The first game they played was named ‘Green Light’ ‘Red Light’ when a doll made for the game, uttered the word ‘Green Light’ everyone had to run to cross the border within the given minutes but if they moved when the  red light got spoken by the doll…then they literally got eliminated by being shot with a gun…  Can you imagine being recruited in games getting killed only because you failed to play according to the rules….  that’s how the first episode ended with a few participants  being alive among 456 ones.

As all of them got frightened and wanted to stop playing the game,  a voting held among the players.  As majority voted to stop playing the game, they could save their life.  But after getting out in the outside world, they realized that they indeed have a little chance to change their fate by playing that deadly game but  they literally have no chance here  in their indebted life.Therefore the game seemed more meaningful to them though they knew the winner will be only one while others will get eliminated brutally.  Thus majority among the alive players got second chance to play and win that huge cash money.

This time the real game gets started..  a game of bloody hell.

Some players just sacrificed themselves for their partners while other desperately wanted to win the game by betraying nearest ones. The front man while talking with Gi-hun, compared this whole game with gambling just like gamblers bet on horses ,they bet on human lives . Idk why but this made me feel nauseous.

Recruiters of the game added money for every player being eliminated  . After the completion of all scheduled games, the one who is standing alive will be granted with those money. It’s indeed the worst type of gamble betting on human lives….

Seeing how the organizers eliminated players  one after another only because of a simple violation in game, I just stopped breathing… sometimes automatically closed eyes . Neither I could take it anymore nor could I stop watching. Those gun shots by which they murdered players one after another are still ticking off my ear.

Every lead character had their own development in the story and made sense when they did all those fudges. Sae-beak that edgy girl I think snatched every viewers attention. Her love for brother and pains of life make us attached with her.

Sang-woo, so called scholar who got bankrupt couldn’t gain anything in life only brought suffering despite having a calm brain. Who didn’t feel pity for that Pakistani labor Ali???  In the mean time who haven’t crushed that gangster Deok-su!!

I cannot write any review on Squid Game without mentioning about that old-man with a  tumor inside head who had  a short time to live. After watching him for the first time,  I felt he is gonna have a major role in this story but didn’t take him as a bloodlust psycho. Mentioning any farther about him would be a major spoiler to the story… 😒

Apart from these leads playing games, the police officer caught my eye like everyone else but we couldn’t get to see his the exact relationship with his lost brother that I badly wanted to come off. Even they didn’t show any meaning behind all his hard works for which I waited throughout my watch time maybe we are gonna have more of him . Seems like I have nothing to do but to wait again for second season.

I couldn’t come to the conclusion by guessing about that mysterious front man and his motive behind arranging this type of bloodlust game.  We couldn’t have any clear idea about the host of this game and the power working behind this game even after finishing watching the whole season. The ending seemed obscure.

Btw I have to mention I wasn’t ready for that type of twist at the last moment . I felt disheartened as they haven’t revealed much about the rule of Gong-yoo. Maybe they are preparing for a blast. There are a bunch of mysteries like this that are yet to get revealed in the second season. Let’s wait and see whether they can meet up all our queries. Eagerly waiting for the second blast.

I presumed so many alternative endings but none of them matched so I got a bit sad. Everything that happened in the show is the doing of a psycho who has always been right before your eyes all the time of the show , but you cannot even imagine that one can do something like this!!

Overall it’s worthy of all the attentions it’s getting at present. This time I’ve watched Korean drama after a while as I got pretty bored with the same type of typical love stories in dramas. But Squid Game insanely fulfilled all my expectations I wanted to feel .

Only to mention, being a Netflix original, in no way it’s free from any adult scene. It is also full of dark comedies and violence.  So watch Squid Game in your own accordance.

Writer- Khatuna Jannat Esha, Student of EEE, University of Dhaka

Khatun-A-Jannat Asha
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