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Scaring the Look in the People’s Eye|| Jannat Esha

depressed young people

Shouldn’t we stop scaring the look in the people’s eye?

Lately I am wondering does this generation ever yield any heed to their hearts or just want to see them as a victor in the eye of society.  It seems like second one is reality as maximum find themselves gratified in the laudation of their surroundings.

Now let’s see what we think of being a succeeded person in life…. Have we actually been able to define what success is???

In this term society may consider us as prosperous when we take ourselves as a complete loser or may be we’ve gained what we have been craved  badly yet society may show indifferent to our contented soul.

Why bother about others when it’s only our life-a life of our own…. Why should we spend all our lifetime for getting acknowledged by others? This type of acts makes us some kind of delinquents like we are tamed and scripted by others.

You know why we never get pleased with ourselves??

Because we care too much about others, apart from being the best version of ours we tend to follow others backs. After achieving something once we desired apart from being pleased we begin to dig up others lives and end up being regretful about a bunch of stuffs that could be going through our lives.

Stop there….  Your definition of success should be made by you not by others. Try to level up yourself only when you feel you need not when people ask you to. Stop getting hard on yourself trust me even the most prosperous ones in our eyes consider themselves more pathetic than you watch yourself as a loser.

This success we are after doesn’t hang around the applause of the society. Appreciation of the fool society like ours shouldn’t be needed.

There are some people who never think of others and I envy them. These ones may become the reason of the laughter of the society but you know they end up getting into the history by forming their own rules, impacts on others.

I don’t think there is any society meaner than ours when it comes to treat young people considerably while pursuing their dreams. They will never ask you what you want to do rather will express what a clown they are by imposing only one occupation they ever could imagine of upon you!!!

Why we can’t stop minding these fools… Shouldn’t we just run, laugh and live on our dreams like we don’t care!!

Isn’t it our only desire to close eyes without any regrets??

We will never be able to fulfill this life desire if we don’t stop worrying about this ill society rather concern about ourselves. So let’s stop fighting with our own feelings by embracing whatever we are and start walking with eyes looking at the sky not in the grounds.

Written by Khatuna Jannat Esha, Student of EEE, University of Dhaka.

Khatun-A-Jannat Asha
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