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Sweet Home- A Horror Fantasy Tempting for Any Thriller Lover

Sweet Home (Netflix original Korean thriller)

Name:  Sweet Home (Netflix original Korean thriller)

Episodes: 10

Imdb: 7.4

Personal rating: 8

Highly recommended for any type of viewers

“It’s not the time to be worrying about monsters. Humans are the scariest …” it’s a saying from Sweet Home that etched in my head.

After watching Alice in Borderland, Squid game and Sweet home in a row I couldn’t find any  better word to describe these three only in a quote.   The main similarity among them lies here… humans themselves were behind all those monstrous acts and suffering of people just like  the humans of our real world  .

In squid game and Alice in Borderland  people had to go through deadly survival game to save themselves that turned them into monsters whereas in Sweet Home people had to fight not to lose their humane nature and for saving them from the deadly monsters. Individuals from different aspect of life trying to save themselves from monsters mostly turned the show into one type of survival game.

An emotional roller coaster ride with these three  affected me severely but those effects were far more better than those scars of exams… just saying.

I  personally got attached more with Alice in borderland may be because it gave me anime vibe or may be I watched it at first among these three. But Sweet Home was in my comfort zone as apart from violence  it was one type of family drama. If you wanna have a thrill ride with your siblings than watch this one without hesitation. In no way thriller lover can be disappointed on something like this…..

You may consider it as a typical  type of Zombie show where  human like monsters use humans as their guinea pig of research but you are damn wrong I felt  it was more than that .Every characters had their depts in their character with sorrowful pasts.You may feel cringe on monsters’ animation a bit if you are too much accustomed to american shows with high class animation works but acting, action,soundtrack overall design of the suspenseful  plot in no way can let  you be cringe for longer time.

Whatever… here comes the plot … suddenly humans of the world started to get affected in a deadly disease where they lose their humanity and starts turning into monsters. Before turning they had to fight with their monstrous attitude and humane selves. A few who  could hold onto their humanity by defeating the demon inside was considered special infectee by army. Main lead Hyun-su was that type of infectee succeeded in prevailing over dark desires

After every damn episode I was like uhhh..why they had to end every damn episode with that much suspense that I couldn’t help but completed in one day. Thrill with drama, meaningful conversation between characters, story pacing everything was worthy of binge – watch. As it was raining heavily that night, my ride with Sweet Home got more mystical.

Hyun-su turned into a  troubled loner teenager after intensely being bullied by other kids of his age. He literally hated all his family members for not having them by his side while being bullied.Had no friends… tried to be someone cool but everyone around  him despised him.  He got desperate to suicide as only surviving let alone a better life was hard for him after the death of his whole family in an accident.

After that he moved to a place which is a residence of a bunch of people with poor economic conditions from different aspect of life. The more stories get revealed we get to know more of him. But considering to a main character he didn’t get that much screen time as there were other catchy leads who  had same importance as him and that’s what I liked most about the series.

As I mentioned before he was a successful subject of a brutal experiment that turned him into a monster but didn’t lose his conscious as a human being. He got advantage in this way as he won’t die no matter how extremely he gets hurt. His regenerative power helped him to recover from any major injury.  This characteristic reminded me of an anime “Ajin” I watched a long ago.

How mostly dead inside Hyun-su came to protect those kids from the monsters just made his existence meaningful even he started loving himself a little I guess. When he told that no one wants to die to that old man who wanted to assist him to rescue those children, he meant it. But how come some people in real life make themselves to take their own life cannot get caught by my messy brain.

The character Hyun-su was played by Song Kang.  I got pretty much annoyed with his character in the drama Love Alarm. But this time instead of playing a role of a messed up kid, I fell for him…Who won’t fall for this loner kid!!!

Among the neighbours of Hyun-su there was a gangster, Sang Wook who joined Hyun-su and others to survive the disaster.  At first you may take Sang Wook as a cruel gangster but when you come to know who is the main gangster here , you will feel nothing but pity for him. Neither he nor that girl with asthma,Yoo-ri  deserved that type of ending. Okay…I won’t mind as  this type of show are only made to play with human emotions…..

I took quite liking towards -Ji-su, Eun-yu…. two female characters… may be because I always had a hidden desire to be like them expressing every piece of my mind without caring about others . Both of them was independent minded and kind in their own way.

The way Eun-yu kept on  annoying everyone  it was fun watching as it was clearly visible she was one of the kindest ones among the stuck individuals . She literally tried utmost against the unfair attitude towards Hyun-Su and showed empathy for almost everyone being stuck together to live a longer life.

Her relationship with her brother, Eun-hyuk was complicated. She was grateful towards his brother for doing everything possible for her. But as she couldn’t pay back she started showing annoying attitudes towards him .

Like other survival shows in Sweet Home there is a cold blooded one, Eun-hyuk who  acts according to the situation  to survive. I think leaders have nothing but to act this way to save majority in this type of life – death  situation. The way he used Hyun-su  reminded me of Sang-woo from Squid Game  who is ready to sacrifice anyone to survive. But his doings made sense to me and earned my attention.  In the end of the show,  he became one of my favourite characters from the show.

When Eun-hyuk told- “Our ancestors changed in order to survive and called it ‘evolution ‘.But if we humans are forced to face an apocalypse, will we choose another form of evolution?  Or will we choose to remain human?”… got into my nerve but couldn’t come into any conclusion…

Let’s talk about Jae-heon and Ji-soo. Jae-heon was religious person who depends on god all the time while Ji-soo was a kindhearted bold girl trying to conquer her ill-fate by embracing dark past. Together they fought against  monsters and saved the people in danger around  them. I badly wanted them to be together as a couple…. But as it wasn’t a fairy tale, my desire didn’t get fulfilled.

Life is indeed doomed for everyone in different ways that’s what we get to see in this series but having a meaningful one is all that matters.Some of the characters  could make that hella life effective in the end by sacrificing them declaring –

“Farewell, I’ve gone to take my throne above

Don’t weep for me

Cause this will be

The labor of my love….”

—(Warrior,Imagine Dragon)

Now there comes another woman main lead, a firm firefighter – Yi-kyeon. She was another likable strong  character taking decisions of her own, without  depending on anyone.She fought to know about the fate of her fiance throughout the series who was another victim of military violence. Her psyche with athletic body and attitude indisputably made her standing out most among all the characters.

I wish I could write more about all of them!!!!  I could watch them only in 10 episodes but got attached with them horrifically. Now I’m feeling a lot better after writing about them….  Hope to have the second season soon as the series ended with a lot of queries. Heared it’s a live action version of a Korean web-toon though they changed a lot in overall story. Recently Korean web-toons are getting attention of global audience. Surely I’ll make time to read these amazing stuffs.

When it comes to soundtracks, those tracks  spelled me with  freaking goosebumps throughout the series  . I literally started vibing even in worrying  situations. When they played ” Warriors” my heart almost blast out…it’s Imagine Dragon!!! “Side by Side” by Bewhy turned the show into a more enchanting one.

When I went through the lyrics of that ost “Sweet Home” it broke my heart realizing I’m gonna leave my sweet home soon as my varsity gonna open. This covid literally gave so much time to enjoy my time here with my family but from time to time I got desperate to leave it….  But I don’t wanna anymore….

Let me wrap the review with another quote from Sweet Home….

“Dinosaurs used to rule the earth, but they went extinct about 66 million years ago. But this also proves that there is a possibility humans could also go extinct at any moment….” Ummm… ever thought this way?!!!!…

Writer- Khatuna Jannat Esha, Student of EEE, University of Dhaka.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Home- A Horror Fantasy Tempting for Any Thriller Lover

  1. I’ve watched this series. I am pretty sure you are South Korean and Japanese movie and anime lover. Otherwise, I can say you I also like Korean and Japanese Culture. I like their traditional culture. I have a South Korean sister. She lives in Dangdau.

    When I watched this series I enjoyed every moment.

    Thanks for you recommending and reviewing.

    1. Hae… I’m anime freak. Also a big fan of Korean thriller.
      I’m pleased to know that you have watched the show. Have a nice journey with this type of hard-to-breathe show…😀

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