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Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe- Cruelty of Slavery

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe


Uncle Tom’s Cabin is the most famous books in the world history which is written on anti-slavery. Its heart-wrenching story will give you the idea about the evils of humanity. Actually I am not reviewing this book, I am just sharing my feelings after reading.

I first read the book when I was in school, it was a translation of the World Literature Center. Today I read again from another publication book in my collection.

The book was published in 1852, and a violent uprising and civil war broke out among those opposed to slavery in the United States. And since then, the government has been forced to ban slavery by amending the US Constitution in 1855.


When President Abraham Lincoln met with Harriet, he said,

“This is the little woman who wrote a book and started a civil war in the country.”


Surprising, isn’t it?! We can understand the power of a book from this history.


The cruelty of slavery described in this book shows how difficult and unbearable the life of slaves was. They were considered inferior to animals, toiling all day and whipping at night. It was thought that slaves would have no life, which only lifeless bodies would keep working.


Let’s go through the Summary of the book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


Uncle Tom is the main character of this historical book. The story began from a house where Tom stayed together with his family as a slave. The owner of the house was Mr, Shelby.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was called “Tom Uncle” at Mr. Shelby’s house. The slaves in this house all spent their days happily. Uncle Tom also practiced religion at home in the evenings after work and learned the alphabet from little Shelby.

But suddenly Shelby had a problem and needed money. He had no other way but selling Tom.

Then fortunately Tom was bought by another family at the request of their little girl. Tom was fine there too. But ill-fated Tom’s owner and that little girl fell ill and died. Then Tom’s mistress sold Tom this time from a notorious cotton merchant, where he is subjected to inhuman torture.

Unable to bear this torture, Tom uncle, the loved one of all, fell into the lap of death one day. And on the same day, the little Shelby arrived, he came with money to buy Tom uncle back to them. But Tom Uncle has been freed himself from his slavery forever before he is freed by someone else.

Uncle Tom was a Negro slave. As a black people, he had this cruel consequence of his life, but Uncle Tom was exposed as the light of humanity.

Every day after work, in the evenings, Uncle Tom would engage in religious practice and moral storytelling with all the slaves. I am presenting those morality here-


  • Saying things that are not true hurts others. But the person who tells the lie is more harmed.


  • Never be arrogant. Arrogance is like a fire that burns away. Money, wealth, and intelligence are all fleeting, so it is unreasonable to be arrogant.


  • You have to repent for your bad deeds, you have to correct them.


  • No matter how big you are, you have to be modest and humble. Because the tree that bears fruit bends under the weight of. So the more quality someone achieves, the more humble he/she need to be.


  • If you want kindness, you have to be kind first.


  • The path of good is the path of light. So you have to walk the path of good all the time, stay away from all the bad.



Of course, the prevailing theme of slavery knitted throughout the novel makes for a deeply distressing lesson in the history of not just the USA but also of the world. It gives a real insight into all aspects of slavery. It’s a must read book for all the generation to get clear vision about the cruelty of past civilization.

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