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User’s Long-awaiting ‘Edit’ Button is added by Twitter

Twitter introduced a most wanted feature for their twitter blue subscribers. Now it’s available for only three countries: Canada, Australia and New zealand. US users will also get this feature’s access soon. The new feature is not other than the ‘edit’ button, for which the twitter users begged most. 

Before launching this option more widely it’s an experimental step on a small group of paid subscribers. Twitter will observe their users who get access to the ‘edit’ button to understand how it’s working, its impact and how users are using this. 

But it also has some limitations such as tweets editable only for 30 minutes after posting and each tweet can not be edited more than 5 times. And also other users will understand seeing an edited tweet for its edit history and an icon will appear at the edited post. 

Twitter blue users are different from general users. They can access exclusive features, because they pay for it. In the US, the twitter blue users pay $4.99 per month. And it varies for other countries. 

Now let me share my thoughts as a user of twitter from Bangladesh

In my country, Twitter is not as popular as Facebook. According to social media stats, there are only 0.65% people who use twitter among all social media users in Bangladesh. Though I am also not so fond of using it, I have had a twitter account since 2013. 9 years have already passed, but I haven’t tweeted  much. I am always active on Facebook and feel comfortable using it. There are lots of features on Facebook, less limitations and easy interface, all of which people love in our country including me. 

On the other hand, Twitter has so many limitations and as a user I miss the ‘edit’ button most. Because I made grammatical and spelling mistakes several times which I noticed after I uploaded the tweet. Since there is no edit button, I deleted the post quickly, made the correction and re-uploaded it. That’s why I am hopeful for this new update. I don’t know when it’ll be available for the users of our country. But I am happy that twitter has taken the initiative and tried to fulfil the user’s demand. And today or tomorrow all of us could enjoy this feature. 

Khatun-A-Jannat Asha
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